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concrete lifting Edmonton

How it works:

All equipment necessary to complete the job is housed in a self-contained trailer that can be transported directly to the jobsite. 



Our trained technicians will bore small holes into your concrete slab and inject liquid polyurethane under the slab.  This environmentally safe material travels into all the empty space, rapidly expanding many times in volume. As it expands, the poly compresses the soil, helping to remove any water and ensure a more compacted sub base.  This is important to prevent future settling and to properly support the slab. When the poly has filled all the void space, the foam continues to rise, and seals the underside of the slab with a water impermeable barrier.  The poly sets into a rigid form within 20 seconds.  This process allows for a more precise lifting uniformity, reducing the risk of over-raising concrete that can happen with traditional mud-jacking. Once the slab has been lifted to its desired height, the entry holes are then patched with a cement grout and colour matched with the original concrete to provide a seamless finish.

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